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Staff Training and Recruitment Solutions - STARS

STARS is our initiative to address the critical need for Qualified and Experienced Healthcare Professionals in Hospitals. The need being more acute for Hospitals already having the NABH or JCI or in the process.

ACME's background of over 20 years in the field of Healthcare Quality, where we are considered the pioneers in the Country, has given us immense insight into the staffing needs of Quality Hospitals and how to best address them by identifying the Right Persons for filling these needs. Our commitment has always been to not just assist the Hospitals in getting Accredited but also to help them sustain the Quality System in a manner that genuinely improves their quality of care and also the efficiency of their operations. For this, like in the case of any Organisation, having the right people in place is the most important factor.

ACME STARS helps you get the right people in a manner that adds value to you operations and ensures best return on your HR spend. Our team first understands your need, your requirement and then goes about getting the right persons for it. We initially do a short listing based on the CVs of the candidates and then do a preliminary interview to find the most suitable ones, who will be subject to a background check with their previous employers before forwarding a final list of 2-3 of the most suitable ones for your post. These candidates can be met by you before selecting the right one.

We also help you develop the specification for the position based on your existing position descriptions, discussions with the requesting department and previous search histories. Position description shall describe the responsibilities, title, reporting relationships, compensation, education and experience requirements of the position.

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