NABH Accreditation for Medical Imaging Services

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Medical Imaging Services

Medical imaging Service will produce consistently high quality work when it is properly managed through a formal and documented Quality Management System. The QMS will ensure good organization and discipline along with complete documentation of all aspects of the imaging service and clear procedures established

NABH Accreditation for Medical Imaging Services
NABH Standards for Diagnostic Centres
NABH Guidelines for Medical Scans & Labs

The key attributes to be measured for ensuring a quality system is in place are:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Timely availability of the reports
  • Report related issues including report accuracy, reports not signed, repeats, rejections
  • Waiting time for the tests and reports
  • Medical audit - a necessity review.
  • Peer review
  • Critical incidents
  • Safety issues, radiation safety, patient exposure, staff exposure
  • Productivity
  • Image quality - wrong patient, wrong examination, misidentified images
  • Radiology / pathology report correlation
  • Radiology ultra sound correlation
  • Equipment calibration and maintenance
  • Complications like intravenous extravasations, post-procedure hematomas, contrast media reactions, adverse drug reactions

Medical Imaging Centres earlier used to have the option only to go for the NABH Certification, for establishing a Quality Management System. Now with the Quality Council of India (QCI) recently introducing Standards for Medical Imaging Services, we now have an industry specific Standard that focuses on the control of services, personnel, imaging processes and procedures, facility and environment, equipment, and documentation, as well as risk control and safety.

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