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ACME Consulting is proud to partner TATA Communications - Healthcare Division to bring together the latest Digital Technologies to benefit Indian Healthcare Providers. These Technologies have the potential to completely transform Healthcare Delivery from the way we know it now, to make it far more Efficient, Accessible and Affordable to the people.

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What is Digital Health?

The term Digital Health that comprises variety of terms like e-health, m-health, tele-health which also focuses other aspects like remote patient monitoring, Electronic Medical Records, Digital Treatments like mental health assessment, counselling for depressions etc. It collectively holds information through Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning which enables to collect, share, analyse and use data to help healthcare professionals in making decision towards increasing the quality of patient care.

To our surprise, digital technologies have transformed our life greatly starting from entertainment, communication, travel and even up to banking. However, Digital interference in our daily life has delivered efficiency, transparency and convenience. As we know the data-driven revolution that we currently survive is also bringing up changes in healthcare and its services. To our realisation on the potential of Digital health, it's a wise decision to shift towards digitalisation which is creeping into healthcare for a better future in providing quality and spontaneous care to the patients.

Digital Health India

Though India being a vast country, it has greatly suffered the lack of universal access to quality healthcare. Due to this, lot of healthcare needs end up being unmet. However with increase in information technology in today's healthcare industry, we can see lot of positive influences towards access to healthcare in the form of online consultations, online appointments, even online delivery of medicines and much more.

Just like the economy, Indian Healthcare Industry was also facing lot of challenges in midst of COVID-19 pandemic but the frontline workers and the Indian Healthcare sector still continue to face the after effects of COVID-19 second wave which hit India the last week of March 2021. Somehow, this has created a positive change in the Digital health ecosystem and has made people and the healthcare professionals realise, the adoption and the need to use digital healthcare services as a need for the hour in India. Thus, health systems that are invested in Digital Health are well positioned to ensure that patients with Covid-19 or any pandemics of future receive the care they need.

The Indian government is committed to providing equal access on quality care to all and digital health is a critical enabler for the overall transformation of the health system. Therefore, telemedicine's role in health systems will minimize the inequity and barriers to access healthcare for all. The Digital Health policy of India takes the digital tools forward to improve the efficiency and quality of outcome in healthcare system which lays focus on availing telemedicine services, especially in the Health and Wellness Centres at the grassroots level wherein a midlevel provider/health worker can connect the patients to the doctors through technology platforms providing timely and best possible care.

Remote Patient Monitoring (E-ICUS, Smart Virtual Clinics)

Remote Patient Monitoring or RPM as it is more popularly called is a one of the most significant applications of Digital Technology in the Healthcare Sector. RPM helps monitor the health condition of the Patients outside the typical Hospital or Clinic setting, Read More..

Hospital Information Management Software (HIMS, EMR, Cloud PACS)

HIMS we have proposed for your Hospital will comprise of modules for efficient running of the Hospital. These will be for Appointment, Billing OP/IP, Pharmacy, Insurance / TPA Billing, MRD, ICU Management, OT Management, Inventory Management, LIS System, Bed Management, Patient APP, BI Dashboard, SMS and Email, Complaint Management, Read More..


The Pandemic spurred the introduction of Tele-Medicine to the people, as a safe contact-less way to get healthcare. Newer technologies help Hospitals provide a far more comprehensive and inclusive service incorporating Internet based Diagnostic and Monitoring Tools and Wearables, Read More..


Benefits of Digital Health Solutions

Monitoring patient vitals with ease
These Digital Health Technologies help patients in managing their health issues with regular monitoring of their clinical symptoms which helps in early detection of signs revealing the disease development and progression, before significant damage could be caused to the healthy tissues and organs.

Maintains healthy doctor-patient relationship
The Digital health System enables patients to stay connected with their healthcare practitioner/doctor easily. Fast, Direct and quick access the patient's health status develop a sense of partnership with Doctor, thereby improving the trust in Doctor-Patient relationship for medical treatment.

Expansion of service on a cost-effective model
These innovations of digital health are purely aimed in reduction of administrative burden on healthcare professionals and their associated tasks. Major benefit being reduction of cost making the healthcare service easily accessible and available all time. This acts as an upper hand for the doctors to develop an efficient patient monitoring plan for providing quality treatment. This has very particular importance for clinics and patients located in remote areas and for bedridden patients for whom travel is difficult or costly.

Reduces inefficiencies
Digital tools give holistic view of patient's health to the healthcare providers with easy accessibility for data. It enables patients to gain good control over their health, therefore reducing incapabilities in patient management.

Improved Access
Digital health systems offer real-time opportunities to doctors in improving the medical outcomes and treatment efficiency by giving faster access to the patient's data in such a way that it can be interpreted with more accuracy and clarity.

Increase quality
When it comes to quality, Digital health technologies convinces the practitioner and patient as the patient need not have to wait in the waiting hall with other patients increasing their vulnerability to catch up infections. Also, letting the practitioner make early diagnosis, prevention, and management of chronic diseases outside traditional healthcare settings.


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