Hospital Project Consultancy

We assist new Hospitals to be set up in full compliance with the NABH and with the best clinical and non clinical practices in the sector.

Our team today of over 75 in-house qualified and experienced healthcare quality professionals is the largest in the country today. It comprises Hospital trained Project Managers, Architects, Planners, Equipment Specialists and HR Professionals. We are presently assisting new upcoming Hospitals in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Udaipur as green field projects that will comply with the NABH requirements right from commencement of their operations.

Our services include:

1. Market Feasibility Studies

We conduct Market Surveys for establishing the feasibility of putting up Hospitals in any part of the country. For this we work exclusively with Ms IMRB International, the leading and most reputed Market Study Group in the country.

2. Architectural Services.

Conceptual Drawings: Based on our understanding of your requirements of specialties, plot size and layout and other parameters, we will present a conceptual plan for the hospital, showing the proposed structures with block relationships of the departments, area, shape and location within the building.

Detailed Architectural Services: Covering complete design of the building, internal space and facility planning and ancillary support services.

Interior Design: Complete design of the interior spaces, including public areas like lobbies, cafeterias, waiting areas, and semi medical and medical areas like OPD, inpatient wards and special rooms, Operating Theatres, Pathology, etc.

Structural Design: Design of the structural framework for the entire building conforming to the specific needs of the intended space, including the detailed construction drawings for the work to proceed on site.

Design of Services like Electricals, Plumbing systems, HVAC systems, Firefighting systems, Data and Voice Networking, Building Management Systems, UPS systems, Sewage treatment plant and Rain water harvesting

3. Project Report

Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) based on the approved concept. The DPR will comprise proposed Plan, infrastructure development plan, zoning plan, space plan and the human resource plan. We will also provide the financials of the Project covering capital costs, fixed and variable costs and work out the estimated income. Based on this an assessment will be made of the financial viability of the Project.

4. Human Resource Planning & Recruitment

Providing the right manpower for carrying out the various operations at the Hospital. We will work out entire staff matrix of educational qualifications, skills and experience, detailed job specifications and descriptions. We can support in short listing, interviewing and selecting the right staff for professionalizing the services provided by the Hospital.

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