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Patient Satisfaction Survey Program - ACME PULSE

"Acme’s Patient Satisfaction Survey, the only survey empaneled by the Quality Council of India to conduct third party patient satisfaction survey for the Indian Hospitals. As your hospitals takes a step further towards quality we invite you go through our brochure and to mail us any query on the same to BG Menon at

Patient Satisfaction Surveys are an essential requirement for Hospitals going in for either the ISO 9001 or the NABH Accreditation. ACME's Consultants work closely with the Hospital Management to develop and run a PSS Program that would periodically assess patient responses and thereby monitor the quality of care the Hospitals provide.

Now ACME is offering to conduct PSS on behalf of Hospitals as an independent Third Party Agency, as an important quality improvement tool. Based on our skills built up over the last 10 years in this area, we expect to be able to add considerable value to the Hospitals by developing and conducting the surveys in a manner that will help them find out what actually the patients think about the Hospital. Based on the findings ACME would give a report with a clear roadmap for improvement.

Our experience has shown that Patient Satisfaction Surveys provide the Hospital with a simple method to improve clinical performance and profitability by identifying the root causes of clinician and patient behaviour and allowing action targeted directly at those root causes. The improvement is thus focused, through a deeper understanding of the patient’s experience in each aspect of care, ensuring critical opportunities for improvement are not missed.

Another huge gain we expect to derive for the Hospitals from Patient Surveys is the opportunity for benchmarking their quality of services against the ‘best practices’ in the sector, in each specialty, area or department, helping in setting targets for improvement and for periodical monitoring.

A properly designed and conducted Survey also help in better Risk Management, through early detection and quick responses, an ‘early warning system" for possible lawsuits. Surveys definitely improve the overall performance across the Hospital.

Patient Satisfaction Survey Data AnalysisACME PULSE Brochure
Patient Satisfaction Survey ResultsPatient Satisfaction Survey Benefits
Essential features of the ACME Patient Surveys:

Results will be reliable and validated. We ensure integrity of the data analysis. Results that you can trust.
Results will come with reports that are actionable, with detailed analysis of the results, bench-marking and guidance on improvement.
Your data will be fully secured with all International Information Security protocols in place.
Surveys conducted by qualified enumerators, well trained to obtain responses from the patients.
Surveys held periodically, to help monitor performance and achieve improvements.
Important patient comments will be highlighted in the Report to enable the Hospital quickly respond to specific customer concerns.
Option available for real-time responses too. Critical issues can be informed to Hospital Management on the same day of the survey.
Survey results will be kept confidential and provided to the concerned hospital only, for internal improvement.
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